The ExtraMot PRO market of Borsa Italiana is dedicated to the listing of bonds, commercial paper, participating equity instruments and project bonds. Access is restricted to institutional investors only. This new segment was born to offer Italian SMEs simple and economic access to capital markets. It is a flexible and efficient national market through which it is possible to grasp opportunities and tax benefits deriving from the new regulatory framework of “Decreto Sviluppo” legislative decree. The only requirements that companies wishing to list their bonds have to respect are:

  • Public financial statements of the last two financial years;
  • Auditing of the last year’s financial statement;
  • Information document available to investors.

The presence of a specialized entity in support of the liquidity of the bond is optional.

Why listing on ExtraMot PRO?

  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS: ExtraMot PRO is a market regulated by Borsa Italiana, recognized by ESMA and managed by a team of Italian professionals that allow SMEs to benefit from the tax advantages of the new regulatory framework, with low and competitive costs;
  • VISIBILITY: the international brand and the large network of intermediaries make Borsa Italiana the ideal stage for Italian SMEs to gain visibility in the eyes of potential investors.