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Founded in 1987, the Group designs, manufactures and distributes machines and systems for the consumer goods industry. In particular, the company creates and sells worldwide a complete range of palletizers and depalletizers evolved and integrated into complex high-end automated systems, able to support the needs of large production plants, with customized layouts and related services of assistance and maintenance. With 2017 revenues of over € 35 million and with an export share of 91%, the company has been steadily growing for several years, employing over 200 people. The main factory covers over 10,000 square meters in the so-called “packaging valley”, the area around Reggio Emilia where the major companies specialized in the production of tools and machinery are located. The Group boasts a global presence, providing pre-order and post-sales assistance services in Europe, North America and Asia. Thanks to the collaboration and integration of production processes, Clevertech has long-standing partnerships with its customers, which include the main multinational companies in the worldwide consumer goods industry.