SV Noleggio


SedeAbruzzo - Teramo
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Founded in 2012 by the entrepreneur and current managing director Salvatore Vaccaro, SV Noleggio is a leading company in the medium and long-term rental of refrigerated vehicles that offers its customers customized vehicles based on the needs and characteristics of the products transported. With a market share of 35.5%, SV Noleggio occupies a leading position at national level in its sector, being able to offer a widespread coverage of the service throughout the territory. In 2018, the Company introduced, for the first time in Italy, the use of 100% electric vans in its fleet. The group holds a significant part of the value chain, since it also carries out the refrigeration set-up activities of its vehicles. In 2018 SV Noleggio recorded a production value of € 21.4 million and an Ebitda margin of 18.8%, also thanks to its partnerships with specialized companies in Italy and Switzerland.