Graded 5.15% 2019 – 2024


The issuance is part of a transaction of € 4.8 million divided into three listed securities subscribed by Anthilia for € 3 million, Banca Sella for € 1.5 million and Banca Stabiese for € 300,000.

The issuance A, unsecured, with a 5.15% interest rate and expiring in October 2024, is of € 3 million, divided into two securities of the same amount, underwritten by Anthilia for € 1.2 million, by Banca Stabiese for € 300,000 and by Banca Sella for € 1.5 million.

The issuance B, assisted by a pledge on credits deriving from contributions for R&D activities and from a pledge on bank account, with a 5% interest rate and expiring in October 2026, is of € 1.8 million, subscribed entirely by Anthilia.

The bond issues will allow the company to focus on integrated research and innovation through the development of the renewable energy operating segment and through investments aimed at advancing the digital transformation process.

Emittente Graded
Sottoscrizione Anthilia1,2 mln €
Durata5 anni
Cedola5,15% semestrale
RimborsoAmmortamento a partire dal 2° anno
QuotazioneExtraMot PRO3