Cartiera di Ferrara


SedeEmilia Romagna - Ferrara
Rassegna stampa leggi


Formerly a paper mill of the Burgo group and taken over in 1985 by Mr. Giulio Spinoglio, current President and Chief Executive Officer and majority shareholder, Cartiera di Ferrara is an international leader in the production of quality cardboard used mainly in the production of pipes for industrial use but also in the food and publishing sectors. The Company strategically addresses large companies (tube manufacturers and / or regular carton users for large stocks), concentrating all production within a single 80,000 square meter facility, with a view to increasing the production capacity that is today 100% exploited. Furthermore, from 2011, Cartiera di Ferrara has invested in alternative energy sources through the installation of a cogeneration turbine and a photovoltaic plant with a considerable reduction in energy consumption. In 2018 the Company achieved a production value of approximately 38 million euros, an 80% export share, with an EBITDA margin of 17.8%.