Cartiera di Ferrara 6% 2019 – 2025


The issuance will support the Company at industrial and commercial level. As per the former, it will support investments in production capacity through the expansion of warehouses and the purchase of new equipment – as well as the construction of a new production line up to an additional 30,000 tons / year; at the commercial level, it will allow for the strengthening of the organizational structure and the managerial network dedicated to export activities.

The issuance is the first one subscribed by Anthilia BIT III to enjoy the guarantee of Fondo di Garanzia, set up by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development in order to favor access to credit for SMEs granting them better economic conditions, so to support debt sustainability and the development of the Italian economic pattern. The benefit deriving from the guarantee, even if related to a limited amount of the total issuance, actually determines a better rating profile and a lower capital absorption for investors.

Emittente Cartiera di Ferrara
Sottoscrizione Anthilia6 mln €
Durata6 anni
Cedola6% semestrale
RimborsoAmmortamento a partire dal 2° anno
GaranzieFondo Centrale di Garanzia
QuotazionePrivate Placement